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How certify your suppliers?


Supplier relationship management is both a concept and a business practice. It requires new methods of working with key suppliers. 

You should certify and approve your suppliers carefully. After certification, you then need to manage your supply chain just as diligently as your operations department manages its supply chain for products and services.

How to Certify Vendors

There is no cast in stone supplier certification method. You can create your own benchmarks and standards. However, there are some proven suggestions for your certification features:

  • Performance track record, both current and historical.
  • Existence of reasonable contract provisions.
  • Suppliers evidencing outstanding customer service—you and your company are their real customer, not the transferee.
  • Examine evidence of supplier financial stability to avoid money-generated internal vendor problems that spill over into your company.
  • Price of services.

Perhaps more important than any other factor, it pays to look for evidence of financial stability with each proposed vendor. You’ll want to avoid a vendor with financial problems that detract from the quality, reliability, and services – which then become your company’s problems.

Your Quality Management System & Metrics for Grading Suppliers

By creating metrics that measure suppliers’ performances, quality service can be fully embedded in your program. Likewise, documented processes should be put in place to monitor, measure, and manage the quality of your suppliers. Following are some sample supplier metrics you should consider from the perspective of your company.

Metrics should be implemented using the following methods:

  • Audits - Internal Supplier Audits including supplier documentation
  • Quality Management System - Reviewing all elements of the supplier's service delivery, accounting, and recording
  • Monthly Reviews - Ongoing monthly supplier reviews are critical in supplier continuous improvement
  • Formal Reviews - An annual formal review to ensure that all elements of the supplier's Quality Management System if effective

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