-Identify and Eliminate the Waste in Business Processes -

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There are seven key lean principles that need to be understood in order to implement lean. Failure to understand and apply these principles will most likely result in failure or a lack of commitment from everyone in your organization. 

Without commitment, the process becomes ineffective.

Waste is any activity that absorbs resources but creates no value – waste exists in all work and at all levels in the organization Identification and elimination of waste is the central theme of a lean system. 

1) Waiting Time Waste

Idle time produced when two or more dependent variables are not fully synchronized. Waiting on completion of one process before beginning another.

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Man waiting for machine

Machine/materials waiting for man or direction 

- Some Possible Causes:

 Inconsistent work methods

Low man/machine effectiveness

2) Overproduction Waste

Producing more and faster than needed. Objective is to produce exactly what is needed when it is needed in and quantities needed.

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Inventory stockpiles

Unbalanced material flow

- Some Possible Causes:

Incapable processes

Automation in the wrong places

3) Over processing Waste

Doing more work than is really necessary, or making work more complex than necessary. Effort that keeps people “busy” but adds no value to a product or service.

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Process bottlenecks

Lack of clear customer specifications

- Some Possible Causes:

Inefficient policies and procedures

Lack of customer input concerning requirements

4) Defect Waste

Scrapping, rework or repair of a product or service that does not fulfill customer requirements. Includes physical parts and equipment as well as data, decisions, invoices, work requests, etc. Objective is “Get it right the first time”.

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Questionable quality

Lower profits due to scrap

Doing a process over to correct issues

- Some Possible Causes:

Incapable suppliers

Insufficient training

5) Transportation Waste

Any movement (actual or virtual) of material, product, or information not absolutely necessary to meet customer requirements.

- Some Possible Causes:

Lack of visual controls

Improper facility layout

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Multiple storage locations

Complex inventory management

6) Inventory Waste

Any inventory or WIP in excess of what is needed to produce goods to meet normal demands. Inventory also hides waste and defect problems.

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Stagnated material flow

LIFO instead of FIFO

- Some Possible Causes:

Uncontrolled bottleneck processes

Inaccurate forecasting systems

7) Motion Waste

Any movement of people or equipment that does not contribute added value to the product or service.

- Some Possible Characteristics:

Excessive reaching or bending

Material, tools, or documents too far apart (walk time)

- Some Possible Causes:

Equipment, office & plant layout

Inconsistent work methods (standardized work)

BMS can assist you identify and eliminate the waste in your business processes, call us at (405) 593-6085 today!