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The aim of the supplier certification program is, firstly, to ensure that all products and services necessary for your operations consistently meet your requirements, acceptance criteria and, secondly, to enable you to implement a reduced inspection and testing regime for incoming goods.  

Having an effective Supplier Certification Manual is a great start.


How can you assess the degree of your suppliers' commitment to product and service quality?

A thorough assessment requires extensive supply chain quality skills.

If the supplier has a Quality Manual this is great however Supplier facility audits are critical to the Supply Chain Management system of any organization.

Supplier facility audits are performed at the suppliers facility, seeing how the processes are being performed real time and to validate what the supplier is actually doing i.e. process flow, employee training, documentation, internal inspection, calibration, product traceability,  handling etc.

The more of the following characteristics that a supplier has, the more serious that supplier is about product and service quality.  

  • The supplier is an ISO 9001:2015 or equivalent Business Management System
  • The supplier measures its product and service quality
  • The supplier uses parts-per-million (ppm) as its quality unit of measure, not percent defective
  • The supplier has quality performance goals 
  • The supplier has a documented record of continuous quality improvement over several years 
  •  The supplier's quality efforts are focused on preventing defective items from being produced   
  • The supplier has formalized quality documentation, training programs, and the like to ensure that quality is sustainable through personnel changes 
  • The supplier can demonstrate how it uses tools to determine whether or not its processes are in control
  • The supplier has implemented a leading quality improvement program like Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma The supplier has implemented a quality improvement program with its own suppliers 

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