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Who's protecting your bottom line?

Business Management Services LLC (BMS LLC) is an Oklahoma City based consulting firm which specializes in providing a diverse range of business management system services. 

Mike Anderson, CEO and Certified Auditor has over 30 years of business management system experience in a diverse range of industries BMS LLC understands how businesses operate.

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BMS LLC can partnership with you to "protect your bottom line".


Every business has some type of business management system, it’s how you do business every day. 

According to the “2018 Business Outlook Survey” 41% of companies surveyed found that hiring skilled employees will be their greatest challenge in 2018 and 2019. 

BMS LLC can meet the skilled employee gap and eliminate the cost of full-time employee benefits (employment taxes, insurance, vacation, holiday, over time pay, etc.). 

Our professional consulting services are provided by the hour, by the project or by retention.

BMS LLC can protect your "bottom line" by:

- Assisting in assuring compliance and identify deficiencies needing   improvement

- Improving compliance, process consistency, reducing process waste, 

 eliminate nonconformities and increase customer satisfaction 

- Improving competency and management focus 

- Improving and providing consistency / proficiency 

- Assuring customer loyalty and satisfaction, assist with root cause analysis 

- Improve consistency and knowledge 

- Utilizing diverse industry and professional experience  

- Consulting focusing on special projects 


- Benefits from utilizing our Services -

- Assist in assuring compliance and identify deficiencies needing improvement

- Improve compliance, process consistency, reducing process waste, eliminate nonconformities and increase customer satisfaction 

- Improve competency and management focus 

- Improve and provide consistency / proficiency 

- Assure customer loyalty and satisfaction, assist with root cause analysis 

- Improve consistency and knowledge 

- Utilization of industry and professional experience  

- Consultant focusing on special projects 


- Services Provided -

- Auditing (Compliance, Process, Supplier, etc.) 

- Business Management System Analysis, Development, Training, Implementation and Monitoring


- Coaching (Management and Supervision) 


- Documentation Development

- Source Inspections

- Employee and Management Training 


- Assist with managing your day to day operations 


- Managing your special projects 



- Helping Others-

BMS LLC donates a portion of our revenues to the 

Oklahoma City Rescue Mission

- Our Vision -

Our vision, philosophy and culture describe our heritage, essence of success and are the principles that we live by every day

- Our Philosophy -

  • Take personal responsibility for making success happen
  • Expect more of yourself in everything you do
  • Discover what is really important in any situation
  • Collaborate for the benefit of everyone
  • Building relationships

- Our Culture -

  • Honesty and Integrity are critical to our everyday lives
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Provide technical excellence
  • Always have respect for others
  • Continual development of all employees


                   ISM - Institute 

        for Supply Management

       IRCA - International Register 

             of  Certified Auditors

          ASQ - American Society 

                    for Quality

       Greater OKC Chamber 

              of Commerce


South OKC Chamber 

     of Commerce

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