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-Business owners and executives normally stress about-

Statement from:  Forbes

Whether it’s performing day-to-day operations or planning long-term growth, business owners and executives face countless obstacles to their success. 

Seven situations that business owners and executives are normally stressed about. 

1. Integrity: Business has never faced the type of moral challenges that it faces in today’s global economy.  Without trust, the business will not be able to compete effectively and it will eventually fail.

2. Increased supplier selection and competition: This increase in overall selection and more focused completion will make it more difficult for businesses of all sizes to retain customers. 

3. Marketing and Customer Loyalty: Business owners and executives are spending more time figuring out how to go above and beyond to keep existing customers, while at the same time figuring out how to cost-effectively reach new customers. 

4. Uncertainty: All of us, and especially business leaders find great discomfort in uncertainty. Businesses must learn to balance the need for a more reactive, short-term focus with the need for informed, long-term strategies. 

5.Regulation: A changing regulatory environment is always of concern in certain industries, but uncertain energy, environmental and financial policy is wreaking havoc for nearly all companies today. 

6. Problem Solving and Risk Management: A major challenge for all companies is identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, including human and financial capital, in addition to the macro economy.  The lack of a sophisticated problem-solving competency among today’s business leaders is limiting their ability to adequately deal with risks facing their businesses. 

7. Finding the right staff: Without exception, every business executive I speak to says that one of their biggest challenges is staff – finding the right staff, retaining them, and ensuring they buy into the vision of the business. 

If any of these seven "stressors" are prevalent in your company BMS can help.

We are professional "problem solvers" and "management system specialists." 

Having over 30 years of "business management system" experience in a diverse range of businesses and understands how businesses operate.

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See below how BMS can assist you reduce or eliminate the "stressors" in  your business.

-BMS can assist with eliminating your business stressors-

- Business Stressors -

1. Integrity --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Increased supplier selection and competition --------------------------------------

3. Marketing and Customer Loyalty ------------------------------------------------------

4. Uncertainty ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5.Regulation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6. Problem Solving and Risk Management ----------------------------------------------

7. Finding the right staff ---------------------------------------------------------------------

- Eliminate stress with these BMS Professional Services -

BMS has the highest honesty and integrity serving our customers with the upmost respect. Treating our customer how we would want to be treated.

Business Management System Analysis, Development, Training, Implementation and Monitoring including various compliance auditing. Increasing overall operational excellence and product / service quality. Supplier selection is extremely critical. BMS can perform supplier audits, certify suppliers, perform supplier risk management process and source inspections at supplier facility. 

Business Management System Analysis, Development, Training, Implementation and Monitoring including various compliance auditing. Increasing overall product / service quality. While increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The utilization of all of BMS professional service will greatly increase  operational excellence, employee and customer satisfaction.  While  increasing your "Return on Investement."  

The utilization of all of BMS professional service will greatly increase  regulation compliance, operational excellence, employee and customer satisfaction.  While  increasing your "Return on Investment" along with increasing customer  loyalty.

BMS utilizes the latest problem solving and risk management techniques to investigate, identify and permanetly eliminate your critical problems.


BMS services on by contract either hourly, monthly, per project or on a retention basis. 

You will NOT PAY  insurance, overtime, holiday or vacation pay.

-professional services provided-

Management System Analysis, Development, Training & Implementation

more about our management system services

Assist with managing "day to day" operations

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-increase your "return on investment"-


- Helping Others-

BMS donates a portion of our revenues to the 

Oklahoma City Rescue Mission.

Find out more about the city rescue mission

- Our Vision -

Our vision, philosophy and culture describe our heritage, essence of success and are the principles that we live by every day.

- Our Philosophy -

  • Take personal responsibility for making success happen
  • Expect more of yourself in everything you do
  • Discover what is really important in any situation
  • Collaborate for the benefit of everyone
  • Building relationships

- Our Culture -

  • Honesty and Integrity are critical to our everyday lives
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Provide technical excellence
  • Always have respect for others
  • Continual development of all employees


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