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Increase your  Return on Investment  with our "exceptional benefits" and  "professional services".

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Increase your  Return on Investment  with our "exceptional benefits" and  "professional services".

- About Business Management Services LLC -

Business Management Services LLC (BMS) is a professional business management system consulting firm based in Oklahoma City, OK.

Having over 30 years of professional Business, Operations, and Quality Management System experience in a diverse range of industries. We know how businesses operate inside and out.

A business management system is the "cornerstone" of your business. It is the formal documented process used to identify, measure and manage the operations, products and services of your business. With the objective being to identify, measure and manage all areas that may require improvement. Business management systems are required in all areas of your business activities such as Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, Quality, and Customer Retention.

10 reasons why implementing and maintaining a successful business management system should be the "cornerstone" of any organization:

1. Lowers operating cost 

2. Reduces process waste

3. Increases process control

4. Improves employee morale

5. Advances organizational culture

6. Increases break throughs in organizational effectiveness 

7. Improves customer satisfaction

8 Enhances customer and regulatory compliance

9. Improves documentation 

10. Implements a continuous improvement mindset

Our professional consulting services are contracted by the hour, by the project or by retention.

- Exceptional Benefits for utilizing our services -

Unless your business consistently hits all of its goals and expectations, maintains perfect quality of products or service, every product order or service is completed on time, regularly finds ways to reduce costs, and maintains a satisfied customer base, BMS is exactly what you need. 


· We are your neighbors based in Oklahoma City, OK. 


· You pay NO overtime, taxes, insurance, bonuses & other benefits

· Reducing time & cost of your operating expenses Implement "value added" processes while eliminating "non-value added" processes in business system

- Professional industry experience -


- Valued Customer Testimonies -

Just a couple of our valued customer testimonies

There is no doubt that Mike Anderson is among the top 1% of our employees. 

- Grady P.  - Regional Manager  (Previous Employer)

BMS is very professional and thorough. Having numerous outstanding ideas that improved our entire management system including the implementation and obtaining our ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification.

- Mike B. - Senior V.P. of Operations

BMS was very helpful and knowledgeable in getting our Business Management System program on track.

-Matt H. - Director of Enterprise Operations

BMS’s dedication to the management system consulting profession and its professionalism is amongst the best around. Assisting to make our business a better place to work and maintaining the high level of passion towards improving business management systems and doing things right.  I look forward to working with BMS in the future and continuing our business success together.

- Kyle K .– District Manager

BMS is a real “Godsent” for our company. 

BMS graciously got us out a critical emergency situation with our ISO 9001:2015 Management System certification.

- Masumi W. - V.P. of Human Resources

BMS’s willingness to provide various on-site tailored training was of utmost importance due to the nature of our companies unique work-related time constraints.     

- Raymond C. – Compliance and Continuous Improvement Manager 



- Helping Others-

BMS financially supports the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission.

- Our Vision -

  • Our vision, philosophy and culture describe our heritage, essence of success and are the principles that we live by every day.

- Our Philosophy -

  • Take personal responsibility for making success happen
  • Expect more of yourself in everything you do
  • Discover what is really important in any situation
  • Collaborate for the benefit of everyone
  • Building relationships

- Our Culture -

  • Honesty and Integrity are critical to our everyday lives
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Provide technical excellence
  • Always have respect for others
  • Continual development of all employees

-management and leadership-

- Management Strategies -


- Leadership Insights -


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- Achieving Business Excellence -

Business Management Services LLC

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